Thursday, June 5, 2008

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

a year in tcs by viju

Today I complete one year in TCS.. I still remember this day last year in coimbatore. My first entry into corporate world , where we were given a lucid picture of the company and its policies . I really got a feel that i am entering a group of elites and stepping into abord of heaven .

Being placed in TCS through campus one expects the company to intimate the date of joining at the earliest , but that does not seem to be the case with TCS. They had entered my info wrongly and i was kept in the dark for quite sometime . ppl started questionning me if i am really placed in TCS . Atlast the call letter came , I am asked to report for ILP in cbe .

the Initial Learning Program inCbe is athorough fun. Wewere made to work from 8 in the moring to 12 in night .. But it never really mattered. Its the time when i really lived " Work Hard , Party Hard "Way .. Whenever someone utters the word cbe , it still brings sweet memories of ILP to my mind.

With lot of friends and some good brush up of my software knowledge i really had the feel that had an excellent start to my career . I was asked to report in JNR .. after my ILP and i have been here since . So far its the only branch in TCS i have worked . I hardly knew then that my honeymoon period in TCS had come to an end. :-(

Since then i have learnt to look my life in quarters.. Probably its because most of the things right from appraisal to policy decisions have been evaluated only in quarters ..

My first Quarter in JNR
Half this quarter went in reading Dan Browns and Eric Segals.. I was put in bench for a month or so and then allotted in a project

It took me some time to adjust to the tectonic shift , from joyful days in ILP to
professional life in AIG ( America International Group - one of the major insurance comapny in america - its my client ). U solve the issue u have people talking to you otherwise u r an unwanted species there . I took sometime to move from unwanted species group to a respected one. But even after that i had the feel that i am the fish out of water .

My Second Quarter in JNR

I had my first major enahncement in this quarter . Got appreciated and nashed up for the same . Then started with my seconfd enhancement . Life has been nothing other than work in this quarter . When these enhancements come i do nothing else in life . Its planned considering that we can work 18/7 in office.During those days when i had enhancements i had to ask permission for taking off on saturdays and sundays :-) ..

My Third Quarter in JNR
I completed my second major enhacement . completed my confirmation presentation..
Got a rating of 4 on 5 . Not many get 4 ..But quite a few do get ..

Quately after Quartely TCS profits have been soaring high at a notable pace and my enthusiasm to stay in TCS have been coming down at an equal pace . May be TCS doesnot care enough beacause its growing at an extrodinary rate .. At the each of Quarter i do hear that my salary is gonna increase but hte only thing that increases is my waist size :-(

Nine months into JNR , I ask myself where i have been led to . I did spent most part of these nine months in office , But that has not built me into anyone. My work life has been lifeless for most part of the year except for a few big enhancements in two three projects...

I have not derived any satisfaction out of work here . I am not surprised as seems to be..

Inspite of these shotcomings , i will truly treasure my experience in TCS as it is my first company and for those beautiful days in ILP.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Ahhh. I was actually scheduled to join Trivandrum for ILP (Initial Learning Program) by TCS on Oct 10th. Well thats what i had planned for for a couple of months. Even the travel arrangments have been made. Now with less than a month to go, TCS announces that the training modules have been rescheduled as well as the duration of the ILP significantly reduced. I'm now required to join on the 30th of September (thats just 15 days away !!!). I've no choice but to speed up my packing process (a really long one). I've just sorted out my certificates as well as documents. Now time for another round of purchases as well rescheduling my train tickets.

This is the one thing which i HATE about Indian companies. They really dont care about inconveniences of the employees and treat them like cattle. Arghh. Somethings never change.


I guess its been a while since i last posted. All thx to my ILP at Trivandrum. I arrived at Trivandrum on the 28th of September. I got my accomodation at Lal Tourist Home (Near the Central Station). I happened to know 2 other SVCEans who accompanied me to the Hotel. One was Keerthana a.k.a Tarantula and the other was Prashanth (never seen him before). I spent a lot of time familiarising with all the batch mates as well as other pals. Prashanth, incidentally my room mate too, was a nice guy with an attitude similair to mine. We got along well right from the time we met at the station.

ILP started on Sep 30. It was new experience and i should say the speech by Col.Nair was really a enlivening if not enlightening one. Prashanth and I started experimenting all the nearby hotels in the area... THAT proved to be my own undoing. i got ill as well as started coughing profusely (an irritating one). I took me a week to regain my my health back. The latest info is that... there is a talk abt a visit to munnar. Lets see how it goes......